• Brae Farm Weekly Notes for the Kitchen – August 11, 2023

    Hi everyone,

    Please note we are starting a new compost bay. Kitchen team, please drop off green waste in the left-hand bay and as far to the back as possible.

    We have lots of brassicas in flower now, so if you can use extras let me know. Gai lan flowers are looking particularly nice.

    Florets on the spigariello need to be cut back to stop it from flowering, so I hope you can use an extra basket alongside the sprouting broccoli on Tuesday.

    Golden turnips are coming to an end. What’s left are quite small, and probably won’t hold for much longer. It would be good to clear them out within 1-2 weeks. We’ve harvested almost all the beetroot, except the Chioggias. There are still plenty. Also still quite a few nice-looking swedes and heaps of carrots and daikon.

    The chives and lemon thyme have bounced back and I’ve added them to the list, as well as a baby-leaf chamomile. Leaf celery has been cut back very hard this morning, so we’ll have to harvest lightly for a couple of weeks.

    Thanks! Jo
    Jo Lawson – Brae Head Gardener