• Brae Farm Weekly Notes for the Kitchen – August 18, 2023

    Hi everyone,

    The citrus orchard is laden with fruit. There are at least 1-2 crates each of joppa oranges, limes, lemonades, and myer lemons. There is also a decent quantity of blood limes that are ready. I’d like to prune back the shrubs so it would be good if I can harvest them next week.

    We’ve picked all the field-grown Tokyo turnips, and we have a really nice new succession coming on in the polytunnel. The leaves look beautiful. I’m hoping they will be just big enough to harvest on Tuesday. There is a little gap in production on cherry belle radishes, but we’ll have plenty again in a week.

    We’re starting to get a few chive flowers and pig face flowers. We’ll keep checking and pick them if we have them.

    We’ve been harvesting a lot of swedes and there’s only about 10 left.

    I’ve taken Mexican marigold off the list. We’ve over-harvested, and it needs a couple of weeks to recover.

    It would be great if I can send up some romanesco, and maybe some kale for staff meals mid-week? We also have an abundance of spring onions if you can use them.

    Thanks! Jo
    Jodie Lawson – Brae Head gardener