• Brae Farm Weekly Notes for the Kitchen – October 6, 2023

    Hi everyone,


    We should have our first small harvest of Lagrima peas on Tuesday, with lots coming on. The broad beans are also forming plenty of pods but we don’t have enough volume to send to the kitchen yet. I’ll keep checking.


    The bok choi is huge and needs to be harvested asap before it bolts. There’s one more succession coming on that will be ready within the fortnight, and then we’ll give the crop a rest for the warmer months.


    The first planting of Agretti is putting on some size and it would be good have a discussion about what stage to harvest it.


    The sansho pepper is back in leaf.


    We’re planning to take out the courtyard planter boxes on Monday, which means we’ll lose nasturtium flowers temporarily. Miner’s lettuce is finished and the sheep sorrel is losing quality so I’ve taken it off the list. The spigariello is also done and the purple sprouting broccoli is slowing down.


    We’re only a week or two away from harvesting the first new season baby beets, Nicola potatoes, and slender spring onions. The remainder of the overwintered spring onion crop is enormous and won’t hold much longer. Would it be ok to harvest the lot on Tuesday and send them home with staff? It will be a full crate.


    Thanks! Jo
    Jodie Lawson – Brae Head Gardener