• Brae Farm Weekly Notes for the Kitchen – September 1, 2023

    Hi everyone,


    We’re having a warm start to spring and the growth rates are starting to pick up noticeably in the garden.


    We have lots of chives again, and we’re picking the first few borage flowers. I’ve added wild rocket back to the list.


    The first handful of asparagus has popped up, and there are quite a few artichokes coming on.


    We’ve picked the last Romesco heads, but there’s some side shoots that are worth picking so I’ll keep them on the list.


    We’ve cleared out the last of the pumpkins, and we should do the same with the bulb garlic. There are some bunches left in the shed but it’s getting soft. Let me know if you’d like a container on Tuesday and I’ll throw the rest out. There are heaps of spring garlic ready to use, and it’s sized up quite a bit in the last couple of weeks.


    Thanks! Jo

    Jodie Lawson – Brae Head Gardener