• Brae Farm Weekly Notes for the Kitchen – September 15, 2023

    Hi everyone,


    The warm weather is pushing a lot of the over-wintered crops to bolt, and we’re coming to the end of most of the root veggies and sprouting brassicas.


    The purple sprouting broccoli is an exception, and we’re going to have heaps for the next few weeks. It will benefit from a hard pick on Tuesday if you can use about a crate of it? We also have an abundance of spring onions and spring garlic, and plenty of nice baby greens and radishes.


    The last beds of beetroot and mini mak daikon are starting to bolt, but we should be able to find some good ones for another week or two. The carrots are looking past their prime but are hopefully still ok for juicing. If not, let us know and we’ll clear the remainder of the crop. It would also be good to use up the remaining cabbages, because they won’t hold for much longer.


    We’ll be picking new season daikon and baby carrots within a couple of weeks, but beetroot is at least a month away.


    I’ve taken fiolaro di creazzo and large shungiku off the list, and added leaf beetroot back on.


    Thanks! Jo
    Jodie Lawson – Brae Head Gardener