• Vittoria Coffee Restaurant of the Year: Brae, the review – 19/20

    What kind of maniac invests a week of fiddly production into a snack that’s gone in 60 seconds? What breed of sadist decides that making bread from temperamental whole wheat flour, milled fresh daily, and cooking it in an equally fussy outdoor oven is just too easy, so they go out and grow their own wheat crop?

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  • Brae: Restaurant Review

    Brae is Dan Hunter’s love letter to the region, written with precise, original cooking.

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  • Traveller Brae Review 5/5

    Lunch or dinner complemented by a night’s stay at Brae’s suites is a pairing perfected in heaven. There’s a scarcity of world-class restaurants on these shores that combine this calibre of fine dining while offering superior, intelligently-conceived accommodation in a beautifully bucolic setting.

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